NEW 2008 "Mapping" Collection
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title: "From this Point on when She would Look at the Tea Leaves, her Memory would Lead her Back to This very
Moment"  medium: Mixed Media  size: 31.6"x33.6"
Madame Pele is the Hawaiian Goddess of fire, lightning, dance, volcanoes, and violence. What is most interesting about
this Hawaiian folklore is how it intermingles with modern day civilization. Many who drive along the road of Kilauea (one
of the world's most active volcano) on the island of Hawaii have witnessed a woman walking in the middle of nowhere
asking for a ride. If you offer her a ride, she will sit quietly in your vehicle and abruptly vanish. There are several
variations to this story. Some of them has the woman as a young girl and in many cases accompanied by a white dog.

title: "Birth of Unreckoning"  medium: Mixed Media  size: 31.6"x33.6"
There are countless stories of visitors taking lava rocks as souvenirs and due to such actions have received harm. But
upon inspection on this superstition and you will find out that it had been started by Park Ranger, Narou Tovley from
the Hawaii Volcano National Park to keep visitors from damaging a historical site. Contrary to this superstition, many
still return volcanic rock with troubled stories and a request to return it back to it's original resting spot.  
2008 "While Tides Guide You Back Home" Collection
title: "Gradiently Everything would Sparkle from the Sea to the Stars"  medium: Mixed Media  size: 30"x63"
In Hawaiian folklore "Ka Huakai O Ka Po" literally translates into "Marchers of the Night." It is the moment between
nightfall and before the dawn breaks when the ancient gods, chiefs, and their soldiers rise from the past to assemble,
march and play. Many still claim to be witnesses of the night marchers in modern day Hawaii. Such knowledgeable
people will inform you that in the presence of the night marchers you should not look directly at them. If you are
lucky a relative would come to your aid to protect you. Otherwise, the night marchers will take you with them into
the afterlife.  
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title: "In the end she would love him beyond confines of skin, for flesh would surely rot, only to leave behind the
story of unconditional predilection"  medium: Mixed Media  size: 30"x39"  
Ten Nyo is the Japanese version of an angel. It will often appear as a floating woman with small slits for eyes and a
mouth cloaked in a blinding white light. This image was inspired by a family friend's visitation by a Ten Nyo.  

title: "Since Time only Meant that we were Growing up and Falling Apart Together"  medium: Mixed  size: 30"x39"
My favorite common ghost type in Hawaiian mythology is called the Lapu. The Lapu are ghosts who are often
mischievous and would play pranks on the living. The children in this image are portraits of my friends, younger brother
and myself. The ghostly Lapu figures cross with them unexpectedly. They represent the people in our lives whom we
have lost touch with. Such people fade out of our lives only to exist in the depth of our memory.
from L to R
title: "Recorded Without Any Insecurity"  medium: Mixed Media  size: 16.5"x16.5"
Waimea Valley is famous for it's pleasant recreational area. But behind it's luscious facade, the pond at Waimea Falls was
used for sacrificial purposes. These sacred rituals included human sacrifices and is actually named after a temple
where human offerings were presented to gods of war and conquest. It is the belief that an Akua or god lived at the
bottom of this pond and occasionally desired a human sacrifice. The body was taken down to the altar which is a large
flat rock that sits at the bottom of the pond where the ceremony was performed. Several days later the body would
rise to the water's surface. Today, there are numerous missing drowned victims that have been discovered 3 days after
a full investigation of the pond.  

title: "No Matter where She Stood the Light would Brighten Around Her"  medium: Mixed Media  size: 16.5"x16.5"
In the 1930's when cowboys still roamed the country-side, many teenagers in their pubescent stage were often told to
stay indoors during the night. On one account a young man was herding his cattle and followed the calls of his name.
The source was a beautiful young girl who seductively persuaded him to follow her. He did so until the air around him
became still and cold. The girl gestured him to continue following her. Something didn't feel right and the boy rushed
home. The next day he returned to the point where the girl stood. He cleared the brush to reveal the edge of a cliff.
NEW 2008-07 "Reflections" Collection
clockwise from L to R
title: "Remnant of Light Exiting a Pupil"  medium: Mixed Media on Plexi Glass  size: 14.38"x10.75"
Somehow creating art becomes a documentation of an artist's life. The relationship between the subject matter and
artist intertwine and it describes a period in time. This piece was done shortly after my trip to Japan in 2007. All
patterns and colors are based exactly on the house where my Great Grandfather resided while in Tabuse, Japan.  

title: "How to Follow a Raincoat of Sunshine"  medium: Mixed Media on Plexi Glass  size: 14.36"x10.75"
From 1987 to 1995, my friends and I joined the BoyScouts of America <the largest youth organization in the United
States>. During this period we were evolving from childhood to adolescence. Depicted in this painting is my friend,
Michael Okuda. From his juvenile perspective of the world, he is now turning the corner towards adulthood. His face is
filled with many questions and worries about a future not yet discovered.

title: "Tracing Behind the Thoughts which Buried After Mentioning"  medium: Mixed Media  size: 14.38"x10.75"
The invasion of the upcountry girls began during my elementary school years. It was fascinating to me too see the light
burst from their gold-like hair while we read fables such as Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. Back then, it was unusual to see
blondes in my circle of peers. For imaginative youths, appearances of this kind would build upon my creative

title: "A Space Absorbing Memories Already Long Forgotten by Others"  medium: Mixed Media  size: 14.38"x10.75"
Welcome to a view of a quite summer's day in the slow town of Wailuku, Maui. Think 85 degrees Fahrenheit in 1991. It
was common to bump into your friends on the street as they manage to do the same thing as you ...passing the time.
On this adventure we find these 3 lovely girls hanging out within a stone's thrown of a store front. They trade gossip,
share stories and make an assumption about high school. Unbeknown to these girls, this will be their last summer
together before they all separate in their own direction. For a moment though, time has paused.  
2007 "Classmates" Collection
title: "Much After the Clouds Retreated into the Millyard"  medium: Mixed  size: 10.25"x14.25"
In Japanese "kanashibari" literally means, "to tie-up and fasten metal." In addition, the Vietnamese, Hungarians, and
Zimbabweans all share this common story of a Pressing Ghost. Usually occurring when one awakes from sleep, is the
sensation of limbs & legs going numb, heavy pressure felt near the chest region, and the helpless victims inability to
move. The Hawaiians believed this to be the result of "Pule Ana 'ana," a sorcery chants that include praying someone to
death. Such conditions can also be medically explained as a delay in chemical release in the nervous system.  
2008-07 "Black & White" Collection  
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title: "The Diligent Night"  medium: Mixed Media  size:  21.5"x32.25"
As coincidence would have it, Dr. Glen Grant (Hawaiian Historian/Folklorist) met a woman who was a friend of the
murdered victim known as the "Old Pali Girl." It was revealed by this woman that the man who committed this crime was
a family friend. The story continues as the girl screams in reaction to resisting his sexual advances. Scared and
frustrated, the man used her jump rope to silence her. She was later found and the HPD (Honolulu Police Department)
had a difficulty in identifying the body because her face was eaten away by rodents. Nearby residents say the Old Pali
Road is haunted by her presence. So if you find this road at night, turn off your engine. You'll notice a white mist
forming, which will materialize into a girl skipping with her jump rope. She will venture near your vehicle and stare
through the drivers window. Her face is still partially missing.  

title: "Familiar Kiss of the Underground Sandstorm"  medium: Mixed Media  size: 24"x36"
Of the many stories I have read on the ancient Hawaiians, it seems common that any man or woman could have a dream
or spirit lover visit their bedside during the evening. The male spirits are known as Kane O' Ka Po while the female
spirits are known as Wahine O' Ka Po. They emerge from the sea to impregnate their human lovers. This painting will
frequent 7 galleries throughout 2008-09 season as part of the
Scion Installation 5 Tour and will be auctioned.  auction